One Way Driving School
10395 Vine Street
Huntley IL, 60142
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(847) 659-9670
Mission Statement
To teach driver education to a variety of students of all ages to ensure that they become safe, responsible, courteous drivers.

10395 Vine Street
Huntley, IL 60142

I enjoyed being able to relate to the instructors!
I appreciated that you guys made the class interesting even after a long day of school.
I liked the relationship between instructor and students.
I enjoyed the student and teacher interaction, it made the class more fun!
The instructor was nice and it didn’t feel like a class because it wasn’t boring and was actually fun.
I enjoyed the way we blended humor and serious work.
I enjoyed the vibe the instructors brought. I usually hear driver’s ed sucks but not here!

I loved the interaction between the students and instructors along with the style of teaching which was fun.
I liked this class and I was happy with my experience and would do it again.
This class was very good and fun. I enjoyed the teacher and kids in my class.
I enjoyed how the instructors had fun with us and didn’t make it boring.
I was very happy with my experience and really liked the classroom environment.
I felt very engaged and welcome.
Feeling very safe and confident in my decision to participate in classes in One
Way Driving School finally gave me the courage to perform something that is very important in my life, transportation.